Top 10: Andrew Rossi

The director of Bronx Gothic and Page One: Inside the New York Times shares his favorite films from the last ten years.

– in chronological order –

2007: There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson)

2008: Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman)

2009: Videocracy (Erik Gandini), Precious (Lee Daniels)

2010: Inside Job (Charles Ferguson), Restrepo (Hetherington, Junger), Tiny Furniture (Lena Dunham)

2011: The Story of Film (Mark Cousins)

2012: The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer)

2013: Ida (Pawel Pawlikowski), Manakamana (Spray, Velez), Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine)

2014: Los Angeles Plays Itself (Thom Andersen), re-release at the IFC Center; Citizen Four (Laura Poitras)

2015: The Conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci)

2016: Hospital (Frederick Wiseman), Opening Night (John Cassavetes), I Am Not Your Negro (Raoul Peck)


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10/10 is an ongoing series in which we ask cinephiles to name their ten favorite films from the last ten years (currently, between 2007 and 2017).