Extraordinary Stories (Part 2)

A film by Mariano Llinas | 2008 | 81 minutes

Mariano Llinás is one of the world’s most audacious directors – evidenced alone by his singular 14-hour epic LA FLOR. But his ambition was clear from the start, with this endlessly engrossing feature. A sensation in his home country of Argentina and finally available to own in the U.S., EXTRAORDINARY STORIES plays out as a series of nested Borgesian narratives that zigzag across different characters, locations, and genres. Thick with incident and ironic twists, this novelistic 18-chapter experience refuses easy resolutions to its many mysterious tales but supplies satisfaction at every turn.


“A contagiously playful and thrillingly inventive work, a film that’s more compulsively watchable and conventionally entertaining than any synopsis would begin to suggest. EXTRAORDINARY STORIES is at once instantly accessible and like nothing I’ve ever seen. Critic’s Pick.”
– The New York Times