Factory 25

Exit Elena

Nathan Silver

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Jessica Oreck

Young Bodies Heal Quickly

Andrew Betzer

You Won't Miss Me

Ry Russo-Young

We Go Way Back

Lynn Shelton

Voice of the Voiceless

Maximon Monihan


Zach Clark

Until the Light Takes Us

Aaron Aites, Audrey Ewell

Two Plains and a Fancy

Whitney Horn, Lev Kalman


Erin Vassilopoulos

Sun Don't Shine

Amy Seimetz

Stinking Heaven

Nathan Silver

Shit Year

Cam Archer

The Sheik and I

Caveh Zahedi

Sex and Broadcasting

Tim Smith

See You Next Tuesday

Drew Tobia

A Rubberband is an Unlikely Instrument

Matt Boyd

Richard's Wedding

Onur Tukel


Bob Byington

Queen of Lapa

Theodore Collatos, Carolina Monnerat


Tim Sutton

The Other Side of Sleep

Rebecca Daly

Other Music

Puloma Basu, Rob Hatch-Miller

The Oregonian

Calvin Lee Reeder

NY Export: Opus Jazz

Jody Lee Lipes, Henry Joost

No Light and No Land Anywhere

Amber Sealey

New Jerusalem

Rick Alverson

Little Feet

Alexandre Rockwell

Kid Thing

David Zellner

Jobriath A.D.

Kieran Turner

In the Soup

Alexandre Rockwell

I am Secretly an Important Man

Peter Sillen

Harmony and Me

Bob Byington

Ham on Rye

Tyler Taormina


Michael Bilandic

Gabi on the Roof in July

Lawrence Michael Levine

Funny Ha Ha

Andrew Bujalski

For the Plasma

Bingham Bryant, Kyle Molzan

Fake It So Real

Robert Greene

Empty Metal

Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer

Diamond Tongues

Pavan Moondi, Brian Robertson


Jarred Alterman

Christmas Again

Charles Poekel

Being Frank

Steve Sullivan

The Arbalest

Adam Pinney


Hanly Banks