The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs

Pushendra Singh
99 minutes


Director Pushpendra Singh’s latest film is a stunningly beautiful feminist fable set in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, a lush mountainous region claimed by both India and Pakistan. Based on a folktale by Rajasthani writer Vidaydan Detha as well as the life and poetry of 14th century Kashmiri mystic Lalleshwari, SHEPHERDESS follows a young bride, Laila (Navjot Randhawa) who marries into a tribe of nomadic Bakarwal herders. Already harassed by local police as a minority, Laila finds herself targeted for her remarkable beauty by local officials. Her implacable and ingenious manipulation of the men who want to possess her, and the patriarchy that wants to crush her, plays out in a series of seven chapters.


"Singh's methodically well-paced film slowly escalates a potential for betrayal and disaster, mirroring the tightrope stakes of great neo-noirs." - Glenn Heath Jr., The Film Stage

"A resonant, haunting story about Kashmir." - Deborah Young,​ Hollywood Reporter

"Folklore, feminism and film noir come together in Pushpendra Singh’s meticulously crafted fourth feature." - Richard Kuipers​, ​Variety