The American Sector

Courtney Stephens, Pacho Velez
70 minutes


The American Sector takes viewers on a fractured road trip, encountering panels of The Berlin Wall that have been installed as public monuments throughout the United States. Visiting over forty sites, the film weaves together the stories people tell about these imported monoliths, capturing how artifacts bond the past and the present.


“An exemplary work of cinema as political action. A film that powerfully evokes the active presence of history in daily civic life—and reveals the politics that inhere in its commemoration. Yields extraordinary results through audacious methods.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Detached and incisive, wry and deceptively whimsical, The American Sector is a brisk lesson in how we often fail to learn from history because even the most concrete testimony is open to interpretation.” – Boston Globe