A film by Dan Sallitt | 1998 | 90 minutes

In New York City, Mimi (EDITH MEEKS) and Michael (DYLAN McCORMICK), in their thirties, are close friends after a brief and unsuccessful dating interlude years before. Michael has remained in love with Mimi over the years, but Mimi, who has just broken up with her long-time boyfriend Tommy (PETER JOSEPH), seems unwilling to try romance with Michael a second time. The spark between them is kindled again, however, during a weekend picnic outing, and Mimi, suddenly enthusiastic, proposes to Michael abruptly. The two marry immediately and head off on a honeymoon to Pennsylvania without ever having slept with each other. But the honeymoon goes terribly wrong: an anxious Mimi draws attention to a sexual hesitation on Michael’s part, and in no time the wedding night becomes a nightmare of recriminations, with Michael unable to perform sexually and Mimi feeling blamed and lashing out defensively. Over the next few days, the couple tries to get past their problems, but Michael’s sexual anxiety and Mimi’s defensive reactions prove a deadly combination, and before long the marriage is hanging by a thread….