Fengming, A Chinese Memoir

Fengming, A Chinese Memoir

A film by Wang Bing | 2007 | 184 minutes

Often cited as one of the great documentary achievements, Wang Bing’s dazzling tour-de-force — a gripping monologue recounting five decades in the life of a once-ardent socialist in the new China — is a testament to the power of oral history and the strength of one extraordinary woman


“A heartbreaking, scathing documentary… The film has a moral authority similar to that of Shoah, to which it ingeniously alludes.”
— The New Yorker

“Gripping. A sweeping saga. Fengming stands alongside first-person precedents like Shirley Clarke’s Portrait of Jason and Errol Morris’s The Fog of War in its ability to wrest powerful effects from the deceptively simple setup of a lone raconteur.”
— Artforum